Honor Guard

Honor Guard

Honor Guard Mission:

To provide the fallen with the highest honors that they deserve. The Honor Guard also strives to present a professional ceremonial presence during selected public appearances. These appearances have included parades, funerals, city or county functions, sporting events and other such functions.


The Honor Guard is made up of deputies of all rank and position.

Multi-agency Comradery and Partnership:

The Honor Guard participates with many different agencies and supports any agency or city that needs our support. We sent members to Dallas when they went through hard times and we send members to any agency in the state that has experienced tragedy or hardship.

Community Events and Sporting Events:

The Honor Guard is requested for many different community events and sporting events. We have supported the Boy Scouts, Special Olympics and Hometown Heroes. We have made appearances at Colorado Avalanche Games, Sky Sox Games and even the Demolition Derby at the County Fair!

El Paso County Honor Guard Members:

To request the El Paso County Honor Guard, send an email to SHERIFFHONORGUARD@ELPASOCO.COM


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