SRO Units

SRO Units

General Information

School Resource Officers (SRO's) are deputies who have been selected and assigned to work in and around assigned middle and high schools on a long-term basis.  SRO's job functions are based on the "triad" concept of school-based policing.  The triad concept divides the SRO's responsibilities into three areas:  Teacher, Counselor/Mentor, and Law Enforcement Officer.  By performing these functions collaboratively with parents and school officials, the Sheriff's Office promotes a positive image of law enforcement to the youth of our community when they are most impressionable and most likely to benefit from such exposure.  The opportunity for students to have one-on-one contact with respected law enforcement professionals allows for trust and mutual respect to develop. 

It is our goal to help provide a safe learning environment for our youth, while we blend the SRO program with the many other community policing programs within the schools.

Academy School District #20
Assigned to Air Academy High School

Lewis Palmer School District #38
2 SRO’s
Assigned to (1) Palmer Ridge HS, and (1) Lewis Palmer HS

Falcon School District #49
3 SRO’s
Assigned to (1) Falcon HS, (1) Horizon MS, (1) Falcon MS

Widefield School District #3
2 SRO’s
Assigned to (1) Widefield HS, (1) Mesa Ridge HS

Ellicott School District #22 and Hanover School District 28
(splitting the cost of one SRO)

Monument Academy Schools (2 Campuses) 
Assigned to MACS

Contact Information
School Resource Office

Office of the Sheriff

27 East Vermijo Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
United States

719-520-7100 / 719-390-5555 (after hours)

El Paso County Jail

2739 East Las Vegas Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
United States