Finance Unit

Finance Unit

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Finance Unit is comprised of three major functional areas: Accounting/Finance; Budget and Grants Management, which, in conjunction with each other, provide overall quality and integrity of the Sheriff’s Office financial management and control system.  Budget information specific to El Paso County may be found on their website by clicking here.


The Accounting and Finance component encompasses all of the financial activities of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office in the area of accounts payable, accounts receivable and revenue collections, as well as other cash management functions, in addition to the management of Sheriff’s Office capital assets.   


The Budget component encompasses, in collaboration with El Paso County, the coordination, preparation and compliance of the Sheriff’s Office fiscal year operating budget, both in the Restricted and Unrestricted capacity. The Budget component continually monitors operating expenditures and revenues, as well as capital project expenditures from the budgetary perspective. This is accomplished through the preparation and analysis of complex fiscal reports including periodic financial statements, reports, summaries, schedules and tabulations, revenues and expenditures reporting, and budget calculations and projections.

Grant Management:

The Grants Management component encompasses the budgeting, accounting, fiscal reporting and year-end reconciliation as it relates to the various grant awards from state, local, and federal sources.

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