Detention Support Division

Detention Support Division

The Detention Support Division is responsible for support services to all Detention Bureau units and residents.  The division is divided into four subunits: Jail Industry Management, Inmate Services, Jail Based Behavioral Health Services, and the Gateways Through the Rockies Inmate Work Program. The Detention Support Division is also responsible for jail vendor contract management.

The Jail Industry Management Team, led by a lieutenant, is responsible for the operation of inmate volunteer and trustee-driven services (food, laundry, and facility cleaning teams), building/facility maintenance coordination, logistics, special micro and macro projects, and safety.  Industry Management also liaises with our inmate communications (telephone and video visitation) and food services vendors. (Christopher Rogers – 390-2128)

The Inmate Services Team, also led by a lieutenant, is comprised of Inmate Programs and Mail, the Report Authority (Detention Training, Detention Investigations Team, Crime Analyst, Hearing Boards, and Jail K-9 Operations), and Inmate Classification.  Inmate Services is also responsible for jail medical vendor contract management. (Kevin Greier – 390-2102)

The Jail Based Behavioral Services Team, led by a lieutenant-level professional staff manager, offers substance abuse counseling, medication assisted therapy education and referrals, release planning, behavioral health counseling, and interim competency care to all incarcerated inmates. (Laura Ridenour – 390-2194)

The Gateways Through the Rockies Inmate Work Program, also led by a lieutenant level professional staff manager, provides effective educational and therapeutic programming, re-entry support, and employable work experiences though community-based business partnerships. Gateways is a non-taxpayer/self-supported inmate work program. (Becky Boerjan – 390-2129)


Detention Investigations Team

The El Paso County Jail has its own Detention Investigations Team. The Team consists of two full-time members and several part-time members. Team members conduct and assist in investigations of criminal activity within the facility, crimes technically occurring outside the facility but with ties to incarcerated inmates (such as restraining order violations by telephone or through inmate mail), and major incidents, such as in-custody deaths and suicide attempts.

Gateways Through the Rockies

Since 1996, the EPSO Gateways Through the Rockies Program has provided effective educational and therapeutic programming, re-entry support, and employable work experiences though community based business partnerships. Gateways is a non-taxpayer/self-supported inmate work program. We strive to have a positive personal impact on criminal offenders, significantly reducing crime in El Paso County and surrounding counties, and to save taxpayers money that would have been spent on policing and re-incarceration.

Inmate Classification

Inmate Classification is responsible for assigning a security classification to each inmate after being booked into the El Paso County Jail, which contains several types of wards or cells. The Classification Unit considers various factors when determining an inmate's classification and placement; however, an inmate's classification can be changed even after being admitted. Housing reviews/re-classifications are completed on a 45, 60 and 90-day period depending on where the inmate is housed.

Inmate Mail

In an effort to curb the introduction of contraband into facilities, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPSO) has renovated its system for distributing mail to inmates. EPSO continues to make changes to its mail procedures to ensure the safety of all inmates and staff.

Inmate Programs

Inmate Programs operate within the Support Division of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Detention Bureau.

A portion of the Inmate Programs Section is responsible for providing educational, religious, and therapy-oriented programs to the inmate population.  Attendance in programs is voluntary and available to most inmates upon written request at no charge.  The El Paso County Jail provides a multitude of programs to incarcerated inmates in an ongoing effort to give them the opportunity to earn an education and resolve personal growth issues.  Below are just a few of the programs that are offered to our General Population inmates.

Jail Based Behavioral Health (JBBS)

Since the 1990’s, recidivism rates and greater demands on our judicial system have kept jails and prisons overcrowded and searching for relief. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of our efforts to reduce our jail population and criminal recidivism, and to prepare offenders to reintegrate into the community as productive members of society. Since the early 2000’s, the El Paso County Sheriffs Office has offered the jail inmate population different avenues for developing skills, managing emotions and reducing release/recidivism. One of these programs was the Reintegration and Recovery (R&R) program. Until 2019 this program was offered to a small population of inmates who met a strict criteria.

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