Professional Visitation

Professional Visitation

Professionals Defined

Any visit that is not for personal reasons. The visit is conducted by a recognized professional that has advanced training and education in their field of expertise. The visit is connected to the inmate’s case (legal, evaluations, investigations) or the inmate’s incarceration (internal jail programs, volunteers.)  The following professionals will not be allowed visits with inmates at the El Paso County Jail. These professionals are only permitted as professionals online or at the Video Visitation Center:

  • Approved Clergy (Paperwork must be registered at the Front Desk)
  • Bondsman, Bounty Hunters, Bail Recovery Agents
  • Financial Organizations (All paperwork must be mailed)
  • Process servers (Must go through Civil Office)
  • Programs or Community Services (All paperwork must be mailed)
  • Media (Must be approved by Bureau Chief-See S.O.P. 05.03.02)
Visitation Days and Hours

The El Paso County Jail is open 24/7, weekends and holidays. Professionals are encouraged to visit during normal business hours 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., however after hour visits are available.  

A reasonable effort will be made to accommodate professional visits seven days a week as needed.  Special visits during counts and meal times will not be recommended due to time constraints for both professionals and facility staff. Please exercise additional patience around these times (4:00 AM to 6:00 AM, 6:45AM, 10:00AM to 12:00PM, 2:30PM, 4:00PM to 6:00PM, 9:45PM).

General Information

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office welcomes you to the visitation process. The following information will guide you on how to schedule visits and will also provide valuable information on the visitation rules. Our goal is to provide quality service to you, the public, and enable you to schedule a visitation time that is more convenient to your schedule, family and social lifestyles.

We remind you that visitation is designed to be a family friendly environment. In order for all of our guests to have a pleasant and enjoyable visit, the following rules have been established.

Individual visits may be terminated immediately if a visitor or inmate violates any visitation rule, or their behavior is disruptive to visitation operations.

Should you have any unanswered questions, please call the Front Desk directly at (719) 390-2130, 24 hours a day for assistance.


2739 East Las Vegas (El Paso County Jail)
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone Number: (719) 390-2130

When you enter the El Paso County Jail campus, the public parking lot is south of the garage with the Sheriff’s Office logo on the right. All visitors are to park in the designated public parking lot.

The main entrance of the facility are double blue doors north west of the parking lot labeled Detention.

2727 East Las Vegas (Video Visitation Center)
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone Number: (719) 390-2131

When you enter the El Paso County Jail campus, the Video Visitation Center is the first building on the left. All visitors are required to park in the designated visitor parking lot. The main entrance of the facility is directly adjacent to the parking lot.

Scheduling Visits
  • In person - same day/walk-ins are on a first come, first serve basis and wait times may apply. Send an email to, prior to arrival to assist with smoother check-in. Availability of booths and contact rooms will be known upon check-in as availability changes consistently.   
  • Webex - same day Webex visits are on a first come, first serve basis and conducted on the hour/half hour only. Send an email to, 1 hour prior to the Webex time requested. Once the email is confirmed by the EPC Jail, send a Webex invite immediately to avoid delays. Inmates will not be transferred to a Webex visit until an invite is received. Waiting to send the Webex invite until the last minute may result in delays and require rescheduling.
  • Video Visitation (costs may apply) - all JailATM video visits are on a first come, first serve basis and scheduled through: First time account users need to contact the Video Visitation staff to ensure confidential professional status is accurately in place otherwise visits may be recorded. If scheduling same day appointments, call or email the Video Visitation staff directly at to ensure the inmate shows up to the visit.
  • Professionals should email the information below to Contact information should include full name of the professional, business address and phone number.
  1. Date of visit
  2. Time of visit
  3. Type of visit (In-person, WebEx)
  4. Inmate name
  5. Length of visit
On-Site Visitation Rules
  1. Please ensure a professional dress code. The rules are posted below in the dress code section and in the front entrance of the EPC Jail.
  2. Proper government-issued identification is required to visit. Proper identification must include your full name, photo and date of birth.  If we cannot confirm your identity, we will not allow you to visit.
  3. Professionals must be 18 years old.
  4. No food or drinks. No Smoking/Vaping.
  5. No bags, no cell phones, only necessary items for the visit may be brought into the building. Laptops/tablets are allowed. Notary is allowed.
  6. Visitors will be encouraged to leave coats, handbags, cell phones and other valuables locked in their vehicles. The Front Desk staff will not hold personal property items for any visitors. The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Lockers are available for $0.25 in the lobby security screening area. The Front Desk does not have cash or change.
Dress Code (in person and online)
  • A specific dress code exists which identifies inappropriate and unauthorized clothing to be worn inside the El Paso County Jail visitation with inmates or tours of the facility.
  • All visitors are expected to dress in appropriate attire while at the El Paso County Jail. If the visitor is not properly clothed in accordance with this dress code, the visit shall be denied. Additionally, proper dress code shall be maintained throughout the visit at any time while walking, standing, sitting or bending down.
  • Tops (that are prohibited):
  1. Sleeves shorter than halfway down the upper am.
  2. Tops exposing any portion of cleavage, collarbone, shoulders armpits, back and bare midriff.
  3. Tops must extend below the belt line.
  4. Tops with hoods (excludes jackets.)
  • General Items (that are prohibited):
  1. Hats, baseball caps, wave caps, doo rags, bandanas (excludes bonafide religious headwear or chemo treatment headwear.)
  2. Clothing around the neck (scarves, shawls, wraps, neck ties, etc.)
  3. Any items covering the face (sunglasses, balaclava, burqa, etc.) 
  4. Clothing bearing holes, rips, or frayed material.
  5. Clothing held together by snaps, buttons or tied material.
  6. Athletic wear or loungewear (bathrobe, pajamas, sweats, workout clothing, etc.) as outer clothing.
  7. Clothing and accessories bearing obscene, profane, sexual or drug related writing, images or pictures.
  8. Gang clothing, club–related clothing, insignia indicative of gang affiliation.
  9. Transparent or translucent outer garments in any color.
  10. Exposed or visible undergarments (bra, tank top, swimwear, underwear.)
  11. Any portions of a swimming suit as outer clothing.

NOTE: Females and males must wear appropriate undergarments (bras, underwear, etc.) at all times.

  • Bottoms (that are prohibited):
  1. Skirts, skorts, culottes, shorts, and dresses that are one inch above the kneecap.
  2. Clothing with revealing slits that are more than 3 inches above the kneecap.
  3. Tights, spandex, lycra or stretch material worn as an outer garment.
  4. Trousers not worn in the manner attended (sagging, etc.)
  • Shoes (that are prohibited):
  1. Any type of open heel shoes exposing the heel (crocs, clogs, house slippers, etc.).
  2. Any type of open toed shoes exposing the toes (flip flops, sandals, shower shoes, etc.)
  3. Any type of shoe over 3 inches height (boots, heels, wedges, etc.) 
  4. Any type of shoe modified to conceal a weapon (blades, lights, roller shoes, etc.)
  5. Slipper socks. Socks worn as an outer garment.

NOTE: Shoes are to be worn at all times. Infants and toddlers that crawl or walk must wear shoes.

  • Regardless of the clothing worn, visits will be immediately terminated if the visitor is observed to be exposing themselves to the inmate.

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