Law Enforcement Support Division

Law Enforcement Support Division

Law Enforcement Support Division is responsible for the specialized units designed to enhance the level of law enforcement service of the Sheriff’s Office, thus increasing the quality of life of the citizens of El Paso County.  Through programs and various services, the Division provides direct interaction between the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of our community, enhancing a partnership that ultimately expands the capability of our crime prevention efforts.  


Civil Unit

Colorado State Law mandates all Sheriff's Offices within the State maintain a Civil Unit. The Civil Unit is responsible for the service of all civil papers received by the Sheriff's Office. The Civil Unit also executes all court orders involving civil process issued by the Courts, to include the collection of money and/or seizure of property, as prescribed by law.

The Unit collects any and all required fees and keep/send accurate returns to the courts of this County, as well as to all other courts in the United States. They are also responsible for arranging/conducting Sheriff's Sales and making due return to the court in accordance with the law.

Patrol Chaplain

Patrol Chaplain's are an available resource to provide comfort, counseling and spiritual guidance to any Sheriff’s Office member in need. They assist citizens during times of tragedy, such as serious injuries, accidental and natural death, homicides and suicides, and make death notifications. The Chaplains also provide invocations and benedictions at Sheriff’s Office functions. 

Regional Bomb Squad

The Regional Bomb Squad is a joint team of highly motivated officers who are specially trained in the recognition, construction, handling and rendering-safe of improvised explosives and devices. The Unit consists of members of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Springs Police Department. The Regional Bomb Squad has a primary response area which includes El Paso, Teller, Lake Park and Chaffee Counties, as well as 33 counties in the southern half of the State of Colorado.

Rural Enforcement & Outreach Unit

In early 2015, the Sheriff’s Office created the Rural Enforcement and Outreach Unit (REO) to support the Patrol and Investigations Divisions and increase services to the community by offering enhanced law enforcement response to the large expanses of Eastern El Paso County.  REO is community oriented and high impact policing with a rural twist. 

Search & Rescue

The El Paso County Search and Rescue is a Mountain Search and Rescue Unit dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue and mountain safety education. The Team is comprised of volunteers and is available upon request for help with mountain searching rescue anywhere in Colorado under the authority of the local County Sheriff, or in other states and countries under local authority. The team is able to search for downed aircraft and lost people by tracing the location of the aircraft’s emergency location transmitter, as well as personal locator beacons. The members, numbering over 70 strong, serving a variety of roles are working toward a single goal; saving lives. There is never a charge for Search and Rescue services and they are on call year round. They typically accept applications during last quarter of the year for consideration for the next year’s new member class.

Sheriff's Citizen Patrol

In early 2009, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office implemented a new volunteer program, the Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol (SCP).  The Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol is a citizen based program which allows residents of El Paso County the ability to volunteer within their community performing law enforcement related duties which do not require a sworn member.  This program allows volunteers to actively participate in a wide variety of opportunities which were historically unavailable to volunteers.

SRO Units

School Resource Officers (SRO's) are deputies who have been selected and assigned to work in and around assigned middle and high schools on a long-term basis.  SRO's job functions are based on the "triad" concept of school-based policing.  The triad concept divides the SRO's responsibilities into three areas:  Teacher, Counselor/Mentor, and Law Enforcement Officer.  By performing these functions collaboratively with parents and school officials, the Sheriff's Office promotes a positive image of law enforcement to the youth of our community when they are most impressionable and most likely to benefit from such exposure.  The opportunity for students to have one-on-one contact with respected law enforcement professionals allows for trust and mutual respect to develop. 

It is our goal to help provide a safe learning environment for our youth, while we blend the SRO program with the many other community policing programs within the schools.

TSU (Tactical Support Unit)

The Tactical Support Unit (TSU) consists of multiple specially trained Units. These Units include SWAT, (Special Weapons and Tactics), TDU, (Tactical Dispatch Unit), CNU, (Crisis Negotiations Unit), REU, (Regional Explosives Unit), TEM, (Tactical Emergency Medics), BEAR drivers, and Mobile Command Operators. All these Units combined are deployed to handle high risk situations which aren’t commonly encountered by patrol personnel.

Traffic Unit

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit is a community oriented, problem solving unit, which provides public safety service and traffic enforcement to the citizens of El Paso County. The Traffic Unit was established in 1996, and is comprised of one sergeant, and six deputies.

The Traffic Unit focuses on providing traffic specific enforcement throughout the county, responding to citizen complaints, as well as working those areas known to have high occurrences of traffic accidents and/or speeding. The Unit also provides training both to deputies in our Office, as well as other law enforcement officers throughout the region.

Wildland Fire Management

El Paso County Wildland Fire Management is a combination of career and volunteer members comprised of citizens from El Paso County and the surrounding areas dedicated to saving lives and property that are affected by fire. The crew members come from all walks of life to assist in these endeavors.

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